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Passports in Switzerland – If you become a Swiss citizen, you are entitled to a Swiss passport. This allows you to travel freely to and from Switzerland and enjoy the benefits of being a Swiss citizen abroad.

You must apply for a passport either in person at the registration office in your municipality or in person, by telephone or online at the passport office in your canton (depending on which canton you live in). You can get more information from your cantonal naturalization authority. Do you need working papers? or Are you trying to change your nationality? Buy Novelty Swiss Passports, Fake/Real Passports for Sale Online.



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There is no place like Switzerland. The distinct culture, interesting customs, amazing economy and large proportion of foreign workers make it an attractive choice for expats. The Swiss passport is undoubtedly the most difficult to obtain. Foreigners with no blood relationship to the country must live here for at least ten years before they can apply for citizenship. That’s plenty of time to invest in something you might need right now. At 2nd License we aim to fix this problem by offering fake Swiss passports online with no preconditions. It is not necessary to show a citizen card or proof of language skills. All we need from you is your name, address and date of birth!

What advantages can buying a real Swiss passport have for you?

Becoming Swiss through the official process is a nightmare for many. Very few people can go through multiple rounds of interrogations analyzing your knowledge of the country. You can deny your application for something as trivial as not being able to respond to the national sport. Fortunately, with Fake Swiss Passports for sale, we are here to save you. Obtaining it has many benefits. Some of them include:

  • Travel as a Swiss citizen and enjoy the rights accorded to the ETFA country
  • Possess two passports and have dual nationality
  • Visit 136 countries without a visa
  • You can leave and re-enter Switzerland as often as you like
  • If you buy a fake Swiss passport, you will also get an identity card for yourself

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